The BackBenchers

Backbenchers are the craziest, fun-filled, cheerful and being themselves type of students who truly inspire themselves and enjoy the whole college life. They are the shining stars who always leave a mark and create future. Well, moving forward ,let me tell you first that I am not the regular Backbencher but whenever I found myself in that place there is something unique and encouraging happening every moment. You become master of everything without being exposed. Like when everyone is busy in writing notes and cramming chapters, you are playing Candy Crush and sending play request on Facebook to all your mates so that they can also play with you. Your inner artist starts improving his skill by making sketches on the bench. 😊

While the front bench students believe college is only for writing notes and preparing for exams, backbenchers take steps for accomplishing their goals. The whole philosophy of real life changes when you sit at the last bench. You always find the easiest way to conquer any situation. Every sweetest and sourest story in college is made by the backbenchers.

5 Things that truly describe a Backbencher…

  1. They are the last to enter and first one to leave the class even before the teacher.
  2. The bad boy image always follows them and they are use to it.
  3. They are the one who came late into the examination hall and asking for a pen.
  4. Let’s party!! The only thing they understand quickly.
  5. The only thing they believe in is “jugaard”.

It’s not true that an intelligent student sits on the first bench or they are only one who become topper.
Remember the Golden words …

“People will start questioning your intelligence, if we start answering….”

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