what kind of traveller you are?? know your type…

There are two different types of the traveller in the world:

People one who travel to explore or another one to relax.

People, who travel just to relax heads toward only one or two places, they visit the local scenery, enjoy the local cuisines and mostly relax in the resort. They plan the long weekend comfortable vacation. They prefer daytime for the journey & experienced more places for shopping, foods, sightseeing, etc.  They enjoy the current moment as there is a famous dialogue in one of the favorite movie “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani”:

“Jitna Bhi Try Karo, Kuch Na Kuch Toh Chhootega Hi, Isliye Yahi Iss Pal Ka Maza Lete Hai………”

Now, Game changers come into the frame. They leave the comfort back before heading to travel more.

They are the night-owl who prefer night for the journey & utilize daytime to explore more places. These people don’t stick to one place. They pack their backpack with least and reusable stuff. They use local transportation to commute and meet more local people. They return along with the wide network of friends.

Without any planning, the trip becomes adventurous itself. One can have memorable as well as weird experiences, whether it is related to places which offered delicious food or the embarrassing moment with the friends. It just becomes a roller coaster ride.

In short, both kinds of traveller had lots of fun. So, which kind of travel personality are you???

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  1. Reema says:

    Great work… Keep writing on such interesting topics…

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